My first breakfast drive-Indian Paratha Company

Hello folks!!!

For those who have not read my previous post about my experience at ASTE; Let me tell you, ASTE was my first ever event as pillion rider-definitely the most unforgettable one.

So here I am, writing about my first drive, when I actually hired a bike and drove. No, I am not beginning by expressing the feeling, as I want each of you to experience it. In case, you don’t ride or have passion like me…you are very likely to end up having one. And if you are a bike enthusiast then, I bet you would love it.


As I eagerly waited for my very first ride to begin….the wait lasted a bit longer than expected. Then came an announcement in the group about the weekend ride to IPC. The destination was 40 km from the city, a good long distance for a first timer. How it happens or what’s the procedure? Like most groups do, we gathered at a common point. This place, Hebbal,  is at one of the corners of the city leading to many other parts of the state, towards the outskirts. It was a perfect meeting point for most biking group. There were many such group waiting to begin their early morning ride and most of these were men’s groups which also had few ladies in a few of them. A sense of pride cropped up, as I noticed that ours was the only “ladies only” team. For the first time, I noticed bikes that looked different, making noise by grabbing attention of other groups and some of these modified. By then what struck me was that, it was not just about the rides, but I had to learn a lot about vehicles, brands, groups etc.


So here we kicked of the ride with Pooja directing us and Richa at the tail end. For first timers the instructions very clear, to follow with headlight on and hand signals to be observed. I chose the 3rd position and switched between 2nd and third. Off the Hebbal flyover and the airforce academy,  flying high and contained my happiness as much as I can. The inner me was jumping with a sense of an achievement. Indeed, it was!!


No sooner, Pooja kind of reduced the speed, giving clear indication of our arrival at the destination in less than an hour. I witnessed the huge gathering of bikers, realizing that it was Indian Paratha Company (IPC). The place was bright occupied with early riders and families who were travelling. There was a kind of recuperation, whilst trying to understand myself, when this sight of bikers, array of bikes, the groups in discussion over breakfast and selfie experts were all around me. It was certainly not what I thought of, even few months back but just happened. The whole process was a result of day dreaming. Trust me, it is. As I was getting inquisitive and felt the sense of urgency to learn a lot of stuff (bike brands, road trips, tips from the super riders..the list is on) but I told myself to “hold on”.


IPC had maximum seating outdoor and like us, most  others went for it. The girls chose a corner, so we had a bit of privacy. A veggie restaurant, that had pretty wholesome healthy options, was indeed appealing despite being slightly overpriced. The queue to place the order lasted for about 10 mins owing to the crowd that filled the place. I picked a kheema paratha and tea, and felt contended over the choice made, for, it was soft and “buttery”. Taking selfies, getting to know other riders, discussing upcoming rides, all these happened over the table. In between, we also caught the bikers racing and few from my group quickly jumped to capture, but then it was at the blink of an eye, so could not see any photos. I just couldn’t imagine the speed the boys were racing.

Thanks to Stuti, who clicked some amazing photographs. After spending nearly two hours, it was time to wind up. The whole experience was short lived making me think how quickly i covered about 100 kms……..